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Introducing our Marketing Material Bundles: Elevate Your SWAY Brand Visibility!

Our Marketing Material Bundles are the perfect solution to enhance your SWAY brand visibility and captivate your target audience.

Posters: Our eye-catching posters are designed to grab attention and convey your SWAY Hair Extension offering in a visually appealing manner. Printed on recycled paper, these posters will draw customers into your establishment and spark an interest in extensions. Our posters will make a lasting impression, ensuring SWAY stays top-of-mind.

Tent Cards: Our tent cards are perfect for promoting in salon offering and showcasing the importance of our formulated SWAY Hydrate System. Placed strategically on tables, countertops, or reception areas, these foldable cards instantly capture your customers’ interest.

Window Stickers: Transform your storefront into a powerful marketing tool with our SWAY window stickers. These attention-grabbing stickers are easily visible from afar and will draw potential customers into your store.

Mirror Stickers: Have your customers interact with the brand by showcasing their SWAY transformation with our SWAY Mirror Sticker enabling clients to post selfies promoting your skills and services.

Station Stickers: Elevate your extension interest and leave a lasting impression on your clients with the SWAY Salon Station Sticker. This interactive sticker is a great addition to your salon stations, including a QR code for your clients to explore the SWAY Website during their service to increase product knowledge and interest and provide the ultimate aftercare advice.



1 x SWAY A2 Reversible Salon Poster

1 x SWAY Window Sticker

1 x SWAY Tent Card

1 x SWAY Station Sticker

1 x SWAY Mirror Sticker

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