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The SWAY XL HYDRATE SYSTEM is the Ultimate Bundle for hair hydration, nourishment, repair, volume, and for those of you with hair extensions.

The SWAY HYDRATE SALON SIZE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER replenishes lost moisture and nutrients and helps to maintain optimal hydration levels. Our innovative system detangles, smoothes and protects all hair types. Our Sulphate Free formula enriched with organic Argan & Macadamia Oil will increase your hairs manageability leaving your hair silky-soft, smooth with long lasting mirror-like shine.

The SWAY HAIR OIL is a must have hair hydration leave in conditioning oil derived from Morocco’s argan tree. Loaded with a rich blend of Argan Oil, Vitamin E and fatty acids it absorbs into your hair instantaneously, nourishing and leaving your hair frizz free with a mirror like shine

The SWAY HYDRATE MASK  replenishes lost moisture and nutrients and helps to maintain optimal hydration levels. Our innovative system detangles, smoothes and protects all hair types. Our formula enriched with organic Argan & Macadamia Oil will increase your hairs manageability leaving your hair silky-soft, smooth with long lasting mirror-like shine.

Our 2 phase elixir SWAY HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY restores hydration, smoothes, detangles  and enhances the hair without adding weight.  The active defence anti-static formula, thermal and UV protection nourishes and reinforces the structure of the hair fibre creating an ultra-conditioned, super soft, glossy finish.

The SWAY HAIR OIL is a must have hair hydration, leave in conditioning oil derived from Morocco’s Argan tree. Loaded with a rich blend of Argan Oil, Vitamin E and fatty acids, it absorbs into your hair instantaneously, nourishing and leaving your hair frizz free with a mirror-like shine.

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