How To Maintain Your Mane

Your aftercare routine, like any beauty routine, will play an essential role in assuring your professional hair extensions stay in the best condition possible throughout their wear. It will also play a vital role in the lifespan of your extensions. It is important to understand how to look after your hair extensions correctly so we have put together a list of top tips to ensure your extensions stay in perfection condition.

Washing Your Hair Extensions

Before washing your hair extensions, you must ensure you’ve purchased the recommended aftercare. We always recommend purchasing our full SWAY Haircare System along with your hair extensions. Do not used hair products containing sulphates, parabens or alcohol and avoid using purple/silver shampoos. Our SWAY Haircare is free from all of these nasties as well as being cruelty free.

Before washing your hair extensions, make sure you detangle by brushing gently with a soft bristle brush, such as the SWAY Paddle and Oval Brush which combine soft natural bristles and nylon tips to keep your hair tangle free.

We recommend only washing your hair extensions once a week and always drying your hair fully after washing as wet hair can cause tangling and matting.

Hydration Is Key

As hair extensions have no natural oils, it’s important to keep them as hydrated at possible. As well as using the SWAY Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner, we recommend using products such a our Hydrate Mask and Hair Oil. An intensive treatment should be applied once a week and our hair oil can be applied to wet, towel-dried hair and also after styling.

Protect Your Locks

Before you use heat on your hair, whether it be from blow drying or styling, you must protect it first. The SWAY Heat Protection Spray smooths and restores hydration without adding weight. Apply on wet hair before blow drying and re-apply before heat styling. Do not use heat over 180 degrees on your hair extensions.

Sleeping With Your Hair Extensions

Wet hair can cause tangling and matting, so never sleep with wet or damp hair. Make sure your hair is fully dry before getting into bed.
We recommend braiding your hair before bed or using a silk wrap/pillow case to prevent your extensions from getting caught or tangled while sleeping. Avoid using elastic hair ties as they can cause breakage, always use a scrunchie or snag free hair tie.

Wearing Hair Extensions on Holiday

We don’t recommend wearing your hair extensions on holiday, however if you’re planning on going on holiday to a hot climate whilst wearing your hair extensions your hair will need a little bit extra care and attention. Factors such as chlorine, salt water and sun exposure can have an affect on the condition of your hair extensions.

First of all, make sure you pack your aftercare products to take with you, our Travel Trio will fit perfectly in your hand luggage. We also recommend packing a heat protectant spray and a hat to protect your hair from exposure to UV rays.
When hair extensions are exposed to sea water or chlorine, they could become tangled, dry or discoloured due to chemicals, which isn’t a good look! Tie your hair up to avoid getting it wet when swimming. If it does get wet, wash and condition it straight after and make sure you dry it fully.

If you have any other questions about how to look after your extensions, please leave a reply below! Before any hair extensions are fitted, we recommend a full consultation with a professional. You can find your closest SWAY stylist or salon here.