Dont Sweat About Wearing Your Hair Extensions At The Gym

Just because you live an active lifestyle, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice wearing hair extensions. Although it can be challenging to workout whilst wearing your hair extensions, it’s not impossible. Whether you’re doing Pilates, HIIT or weight training, we’re here to debunk the myth and give you our top tips on how to wear your hair extensions at the gym.

Which Method Is Best For Exercise?

Although all of our hair extensions are discreet, if you exercise regularly we recommend a method that you can tie up easily and discreetly. Our Seamless Tapes & Nano Bonds can be placed in a strategic way by your hair stylist so that if you do tie your hair up frequently, you can do this comfortably without your extensions being visible.

The Best Hairstyles For Working Out

Not only is it essential to tie your long hair back when exercising for safety reasons (e.g. to avoid getting them caught in exercise machines), it also protects your hair from sweat. Exposing your hair extensions to sweat can cause them to feel dry, frizzy and knotted due to the acidity and salt.

We suggest tying your hair into a high braid rather than a pony tail as loose hair can tangle easily. It is also easy to brush this style out afterwards and you’ll be left with gorgeous mermaid waves. A simple ballerina bun would also work as it’s neat and keeps the hair completely off the nape of neck away from that nasty sweat.

Remember not to tie your hair too tight as this can pull and damage your hair extensions, and always use a silk scrunchie or spiral hair tie as they are the most gentle on your hair.

Washing & Styling Your Hair Extensions After You Exercise

After your workout, make sure to brush your hair with a soft bristle brush. Our SWAY Paddle Brush combines soft, natural bristles and nylon tips to detangle your hair. We don’t recommend washing your extensions more than once or twice a week, however if you feel like your hair does need an extra wash after your workout, make sure you always wash with a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner and use a deep conditioning mask to ensure your hair stays hydrated as possible. If you don’t have time for a full wash, dry your hair with a hairdryer and apply dry shampoo to the roots then wash later when you have the time to give your extensions the attention they need. We recommend purchasing our full Hydrate System when wearing our professional methods.

By following our tips and advice, looking after your hair extensions while going to the gym regularly should be straightforward. You don’t have to sacrifice amazing hair for a healthy lifestyle!