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Hydrate System

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Elevate your haircare experience with the SWAY Hydrate Shampoo, the essential first step in your hair cleansing ritual. This extraordinary formula isn’t merely a shampoo; it’s a guarantee to safeguard and prolong the life of your SWAY Hair Extensions. Free from Sulphates and parabens this shampoo is designed with the specific requirements of hair extensions in mind and gentle enough for all hair types. Our meticulously crafted lightweight formula is enriched with the nourishing goodness of argan and macadamia oils. It enhances manageability and provides a silky softness, expertly preserving the natural vitality of your hair and extensions whilst gently removing impurities.

Provide the ultimate nourishment to your hair with the SWAY Hydrate Conditioner, the key second step in your hair cleansing ritual. Formulated with a rich blend of argan and macadamia oil this super nourishing conditioner reduces frizz, repairs breakage, and replenishes lost moisture and nutrients. Designed to ensure optimum hydration levels, this formula is key to improving your natural hair and maintaining your SWAY Hair Extensions.

Unleash the rejuvenating power of the SWAY Hydrate Mask, a luxurious formula designed to deliver the ultimate moisture and vitality to all hair types. Expertly formulated with a blend of nourishing ingredients, this mask is a potent source of deep hydration helping to revive natural shine and replenish lost moisture whilst repairing and strengthening from within.

Indulge your hair in the luxurious care it deserves with our award-winning SWAY Hair Oil. This exceptional hair oil is crafted with a rich blend of Argan Oil, Vitamin E and fatty acids to absorb into your hair instantaneously, nourishing and leaving your hair frizz-free with a mirror like shine. Suitable for all hair types, this oil is designed to enhance your hairs natural beauty and ensure the longevity of SWAY Hair Extensions.

Ensure the ultimate damage defence with the SWAY Heat Protection Spray. Our award winning lightweight 2-phase elixir restores hydration, smoothes, detangles and enhances the hair without adding weight. The active defence, thermal and UV protection nourishes and reinforces the structure of the hair fibre creating an ultra-conditioned, super soft glossy finish.

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Hydrate System: Elevate your haircare with SWAY Hydrate Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, and Hair Oil. Nourish, repair, and hydrate for beautiful, frizz-free hair
SWAY Hydrate Shampoo - Sulphate and paraben-free formula with argan and macadamia oils for nourished, manageable hair and extensions
SWAY Hydrate Conditioner: nourish, reduce frizz, repair breakage, replenish moisture & nutrients. Perfect for natural hair & SWAY Hair Extensions
SWAY Heat Protection Spray: Lightweight 2-phase elixir for ultimate damage defence. Hydrates, smooths, detangles, and protects from heat and UV. Ultra-conditioned, glossy finish
SWAY Hair Oil: Luxurious care for your hair. Absorbs instantly, nourishes, and leaves hair frizz-free with a mirror-like shine. Suitable for all hair types. Enhance your hair&
Hydrate Mask: A luxurious formula for all hair types, delivering ultimate moisture and vitality. Repairs, strengthens, and restores natural shine