Can I track my order?

Yes, once your order has been dispatched you will receive confirmation, including your tracking details.

Can I cancel my order once it’s been placed?

If you wish to cancel your order, please do so immediately via telephone: 0333 207 4472. If you cancel your order, you will not be charged, and your payment method will also be cancelled. If your order has already been shipped, we are unable to cancel your order.

Can I amend my order once it’s been placed?

Unfortunately, no. Orders will need to be cancelled and re-ordered.

I’ve received a faulty item, what should I do?

For our Faulty Goods policy please email info@swayhairextensions.com stating the subject as ‘Faulty Goods Hair Report.’ A Faulty Goods Hair Report Form is required on receipt of any faulty product returned to SWAY Hair Extensions.


What delivery options do you offer?

Please see our Shipping & Delivery page for our delivery options.

For Next Day Delivery, orders must be placed before 3pm.

Next Day Delivery does not include Saturday (unless specially selected), Sunday or Monday.

My order hasn’t arrived.

Please see our Shipping & Delivery page for further assistance.


How do I return an item?

Please see our Returns Policy page for returns information.



Can I get a colour match?

We would be more than happy to provide you with a colour match. Please head to our Colour Match Pageand complete in the form provided.

How many shades does SWAY offer?

We offer 45 shades to ensure you get the perfect match.

What lengths do SWAY offer?

We offer a range of lengths from 14” to 24”. Not all products are available in all lengths, therefore please refer to the product pages for more information.

What professional methods do SWAY offer?
Which professional method is best?

For professional extensions, we recommend a consultation with a professional stylist before purchasing. Salon Finderto find your closest salon.

How many packs do I need?

We recommend a consultation with a professional stylist as this depends on the desired look and thickness of your natural hair. However, we recommend 3-5 packs of Seamless Tapes, 6-8 packs of Bonds and 2 rows of Flat Weft. With our Flat Weft, some people opt for a hybrid method with nanos or tapes around the front of the hair.

How long will my hair extensions last?

Providing the aftercare guidelines are followed and the SWAY Hydrate System is used, your hair extensions should last 9-12 months.

What guarantee does SWAY offer?

We have a 12 week guarantee when the SWAY Hydrate System is on your original order. If there is no haircare on the order, there is a standard 30 day guarantee.

What is the hair made of?

Our hair extensions are 100% human hair.

Can I use heat on my extensions?

Yes, you can use heat up to 180 degrees on your extensions.

Can I colour my extensions?

We do not recommend colouring your hair extensions. SWAY Hair Extensions will not accept any liability for extensions that have been coloured/tinted or toned.

Can I use Silver Shampoo on my extensions?

We advise against silver/purple shampoo on your extensions as most brands contain sulphates that naturally dry the hair out. As hair extensions are more porous than natural hair, this can also stain the hair. SWAY Hair Extensions will not accept any liability in the instance that silver/purple shampoo has been used.

What is the best aftercare to use on my extensions?

We only recommend SWAY Haircareto maintain your extensions. Our formulas have been exclusively created for the longevity of the hair extensions.

Clip Ins

Can I style my SEAMLESS® Clip in hair extensions?

Yes, you can style your clip in extensions. The maximum temperature we recommend is 180 degrees and makes sure to always apply SWAY Heat Protectant Spray before styling.

Can I wash my SEAMLESS® Clip in hair extensions?

As these products have been designed to wear occasionally, there is no requirement to wash them after every wear. We recommend washing your extensions every 10-15 wears. When washing your clip ins, always use the SWAY Hydrate System. Always remember to dry your clip ins after washing as leaving them to naturally dry can affect the quality of the hair.

Professional methods

How do you open a trade account?

Please head over to our Trade Application Form to complete your application, followed by the purchase a colour ring to activate your trade account.

What is the difference between a Standard and Deluxe Colour Ring?

Both include the full shade portfolio. The Deluxe Colour Ring has larger swatches which allow for a bigger visual of the shade at consultation.

How much does a pack of SWAY SEAMLESS® Tapes weigh and how many are in a packet?

44g for 14” and 16” and 48g for all other lengths. There are 20 tabs and 10 sandwiches in a packet.

How wide are SWAY SEAMLESS® Tapes?

1.5 inches.

Can you reuse the tape extensions?

Yes, we recommend doing this every 6-8 weeks. You can remove them with our Keratin Remover Spray and you can retape them with our Blue Walker Tape.

How many bonds are in a packet of your Nanos and Tiny Tips?

16” and 18” = 31 at 0.8g per bond. 20”, 22” and 24” = 25 at 1g per bond.

Can you cut the bonds?

We would advise against this as it may cause bond break down and result in shedding.

What is the difference between Nano and Tiny Tips?

A nano is similar to a tiny tip extension, however it has a small piece of silicone inserted into the tip to allow for it to be inserted into a very small ring. It is more durable than a tiny tip bond.

Why are your Nando Bonds not metal?

Our Nanos Bonds are silicone tipped and are slightly longer to allow cutting room if the stylist would like to trim as desired. Metal can be abrasive in the hair and silicone is a lot softer and kinder to the hair.

How is the SWAY SEAMLESS® Flat Weft different from the average machine weft?

The SWAY SEAMLESS® Flat Weftis a one track registered design and is around 40% flatter than the average machine weft design.

Can you cut the SEAMLESS® Flat Weft?

If you decide to cut the weft, we would advise to use our SWAY Weft Sealer along the base of the weft and on both sides. This will ensure it is completely sealed before applying to avoid shedding.

How wide are your wefts?

The base of the weft is designed to fit the average head and is between 12.5 and 13.5 inches.

Is the hair double drawn?

Yes, it is also cuticle aligned and cuticle intact.

What does cuticle alignment mean?

SWAY Hair Extensions are proud to offer cuticle intact hair and has a smooth and healthy appearance. The hair is aligned from root to tip, all in the same direction as on a natural head of hair, the cuticles flow in the same direction.

What cutting room is offered?

SWAY Hair Extensions offer 1-2 inches of additional cutting room.

How long is the root on a rooted shade?

2.5 to 3 inches.


What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment methods: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Debit, PayPal, Klarna & Clearpay.

About Klarna

Klarna offers flexible payment options. Please see our Klarna Pagefor more information.

Why isn’t my discount code working?

Our discount codes vary, as do the terms and conditions of each one, so make sure you check the T&C’s and exclusions before you use your code. Please be advised discount codes can not be used with sale items and exclude free shipping.

If your discount code is still not working after checking all of the above, then please get in touch with our team so we can help you further.

SWAY Hair Sourcing

At SWAY, it’s imperative that all our manufacturing and raw human hair sources sit in line with the brands ethical and sustainable vision. Our factories are located in Eastern China to ensure we maintain quality and an ethical production line.  SWAY works side by side with our factory partners to deliver the highest quality human hair at affordable prices.

 Pre-covid our CEO and Distribution team have visited our factory partners to ensure all production sits in line with the businesses code of working practice. The supply of raw human hair is from long term verified wholesalers; sourcing of this style has continued over the decades to ensure ethical practice while maintaining quality levels.

 Our source of human hair is donated, sold, or exchanged with our factories wholesale partners to maintain an ethical sourcing style while supporting the woman through education or family requirements.

 SWAY’s production partners source the raw human hair from regions within Mongolia.

 Donation of human hair extensions come from single donors; cut from a ponytail or braid this will leave the donor with a short above the shoulder bob length hair style. The hair bundles are then sorted into lengths ranging from 10″ to 28″ and moved to our factory partners in Eastern China to start the colouring process.