Race Day Ready Hair

Royal Ascot is not just about horse racing; it is a classic British event known for its fashion and elegance. If you’re lucky enough to be attending, it’s essential to perfect every aspect of your outfit, including your hair. A beautifully chosen hairstyle can add the finishing touch to your overall look. Keep reading for hairstyles that are perfect for a day at Royal Ascot.

Glam Waves

Soft, flowing waves are a glamorous and feminine choice for Royal Ascot. Whether you have long or medium-length hair, loose waves create a romantic and effortlessly chic appearance. You can achieve this look using a curling iron or hot rollers. Finish off by brushing out and using a light hairspray to ensure your waves last throughout the day.

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Classic Updo

A classic updo is a timeless choice that exudes elegance and grace. Whether you opt for a sleek chignon, a twisted bun, or a voluminous French twist, an updo can beautifully frame your face and allow your outfit and accessories to shine. Pair it with a fancy hat or fascinator to elevate your style.

Intriciate Braids

Experiment with various braid styles, such as a braided bun, fishtail braids or a braided crown, depending on your hair length and texture. Add in some delicate jewelled hair accessories to add an extra touch of sparkle.

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Polished Ponytail

A polished ponytail offers a sleek and sophisticated look that is both chic and comfortable. Create a high or low ponytail, depending on your preference, and ensure it is smooth and free from flyaways. You can wrap a strand of hair around the elastic to conceal it, adding an extra touch of refinement. Pair it with a statement headband or embellished hairpin to elevate the style.

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Choosing the perfect hairstyle for the races is a fantastic opportunity to express your personal style and complete your look. Whether you opt for a classic updo, side-swept waves, a polished ponytail or a half-up, half-down style remember that confidence is the key to carrying any hairstyle with grace and charm. Combine your chosen hairstyle with a fabulous hat or fascinator, and you’ll be ready to turn heads at this iconic event!